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Adaptable solution designed to meet the ever-evolving payment acceptance demands

Payment Application
A Cutting-Edge White-Label Payment Terminal App Redefining Android Compatibility & Customisation
Empower Partners with Secure P2PE Solutions & Cert Payment Applications for Enhanced Transactional Data Protection
Miura Systems Sets the Gold Standard in Payment Industry with Unparalleled Quality & Leading Certifications
White Label
Customised, Card Scheme-Validated Payment Solutions and White-Label Enterprise Platforms
Discover Unmatched Transaction Coordination, the Ultimate Control Dashboard for Tailored Merchant Solutions.
Terminal Security
Unwavering Commitment to PCI-PTS Compliance for Our Hardware, Software, and Our Partners
Device-agnostic Services:

Terminal Management

Offering partners and merchants access to top-tier hardware options from a meticulously selected group of manufacturers approved by Miura (Miura Assured)

  • Software Download Capability
  • Scheduled Application of New Functionality Updates
  • Instantly Deploy Partner-Verified Marketplace Apps
  • Real-Time Access to Full Support Tool Functions
  • Real-Time Media Deployment
  • Real-Time New Device Setups
  • Streamline Reconciliation & Master Chargeback
  • Swift and Efficient Refund Process
Card & MASP-1

Real-Time Transactional Reporting for Revolutionary Payment Processing

Effectively consolidate and access real-time information through the platform, ensuring streamlined payment processing.
3 - Transaction reporting

Transactional Reporting

Real-Time Transactional Reporting/Seamless Data Access for Unparalleled Efficiency
4 - M&I Data

M&I Data

Access to Android Data Insights on Next-Generation Payment Terminals
5 - API First Approach

API First Approach

Our Next-Generation Services Set the Standard for Seamless API Readiness
6 - Elevate Your Platform with Seamless API Integration
Elevate Your Platform:

Seamless API Integration for Enhanced Functionality & User Experience

Facilitate the seamless setup and swapping of customers on the platform through API integration. Effortlessly extract reporting data using API-based functionality.

Unifying the future of payments.
One platform. Infinite possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Miura Enterprise platform?
Our platform is a robust and adaptable solution designed to meet the ever-evolving demands of the market and empower our valued partners. It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features to streamline business processes and drive growth.
Can Miura Systems' platform integrate with different types of terminals?
Yes, our platform is designed to directly communicate with all terminals, providing a unified integration regardless of the terminal type.
What are the key features of the Miura Enterprise platform?
The platform offers a range of features including Payment Application, White-label Service, P2PE Solution Validation, Orchestration, Terminal Security, Terminal Management, Transactional Reporting, M&I Data, API Integration Solutions, Platform Integration, Advanced Analytics, Customisable Dashboards, seamless integration with existing systems, and scalable infrastructure to support business expansion.
Can partners customise their own Enterprise platform with Miura's white label offering?
Our partners can manage and customise a white-label Enterprise platform to align it precisely with their business needs and customer requirements.
How does partnering with Miura benefit in terms of developing customised card scheme-validated solutions within your service?
Our diverse range of partners benefits from access to develop unique card scheme-validated solutions tailored specifically for their customer's needs through our collaborative approach.
How does Miura support partners in achieving P2PE solution validation?
Through our comprehensive P2PE solution validation, we provide certified payment application and secure key management services to safeguard transactional data effectively.
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