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M010 - HD
Whether mobile, countertop, or in-store, Miura’s M010 platform evolves the retail experience with true versatility. Now retailers can interact with customers wherever they go. Operate across the retail environment, both in-store and in pop-up or tactical locations, with true Chip and PIN & contactless integration throughout.
M010 Datasheet

Seamlessly Connect, Serve, and Expand Beyond Boundaries

The M010 bridges the retail ecosystem by allowing physical connection to new smart tablet cash registers as well as existing more traditional POS systems. Additionally, it can be undocked and used as a mobile solution. It will queue bust or serve in-store, right beside the customer, to prevent lost sales and make optimum use of your hardware investment.

M010 Datasheet
Success Stories

Timeless Customer Stories & Results

Barclaycard Case Study M010

Miura & Barclaycard

The combination of our M010 & Barclaycard Anywhere Connect has enabled Evri to deliver a seamless user experience.

NCR Case Study

Miura & Creditcall

Flexibility with a payment terminal that can provide countertop or mobile POS, in-store and even out in the field.

On the Move

Unclip the M010 from its counter-top stand and use WiFi or Bluetooth to take EFTPOS payments via an integrated tablet or a smartphone. Now retailers can queue-bust or serve in-store, right beside the customer, to prevent lost sales. Take the M010 device out of store, to pop-up locations, seasonal external POS events and more.
The M010 also connects seamlessly to your existing Tabled Based POS Systems. It integrates easily using our APIs and beautifully designed peripherals. There’s no complexity. Save the time and high cost of developing a payment platform yourself.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets the Miura M010 device apart from other retail devices?
The Miura M010 device stands out due to its ability to operate across various retail environments, including in-store, pop-up, or tactical locations. It offers true Chip and PIN & contactless integration, providing retailers with flexibility and convenience.
How does the Miura M010 device benefit retailers?
The Miura M010 device enables retailers to interact with customers wherever they go, enhancing customer engagement and sales opportunities. Its versatility allows for seamless operation in different retail settings, contributing to a more dynamic and efficient retail experience.
Is the Miura M010 device compatible with existing retail systems and software?
Yes, the Miura M010 device is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing retail systems and software, minimising disruptions and simplifying the transition to this innovative retail solution.
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